Saturday, August 13, 2011

Replenishing the Conversation Pool

Dennis Coble remarked yesterday on Twitter in a Tweet:

Giving away brings returns, usually multiplied.Not everyone wants a huge following, though.

We were discussing the fact that #followfriday is not about GETTING followers, but giving back, and promoting others. 

Some don't want a huge following this is true, but who are they conversing with?
Tweepi Configured for "Last Tweet"
Even if you dont care about having a large account, your timeline is losing active followers even as you read this. 

ABF Always Be Following.
We have to be adding to our conversation pool, at a regular, consistant, disciplined pace.  We do this by following new people, and giving them an opportunity to follow back.  If you think your content alone is going to grow a following, you are sadly mistaken.  I participated in a conversation on LinkedIn, and was quite surprised at this passive notion that we should grow our Twitter accounts "organically" as many people expressed the term.   This could take literally years.  

I give new followers sometimes a week, sometimes a few days, but I follow consistently 1,000 new followers when I follow any at all.  This also happens to be Twitter's daily follow limit.  I might follow 200 from a business profile, 200 from a writing profile, and so on, and at other times, I follow the entire 1,000 followers all from one large list. 

Some people ask, what is a good list to follow?  Right on your timeline!!  There are active people, they are talking to someone, find a profile, click FOLLOWERS, and start following.  I prefer people who have tweeted within the last hour, and at other times, I follow people who have tweeted within the last 24 hours.  Either way, I never follow anyone who hasn't tweeted within the last 24 hours, because they are simply not active tweeters, and if they haven't tweeted in 24 hours, they also might not follow back.

If 100 people follow back, that is sufficient.  If 250 follow back, that is even better.  Sometimes as many as half follow me back. 

I use  to sort through the followers, because it gives me statistics like you see above, where I have configured it for "Last Tweet"  .....  if someone hasn't tweeted in 8 days, I don't bother with them regardless of how wonderful their profile is.

There are many reasons to Always Be Following ( new tweeps ) and I cover them in various articles.  Probably the most important is that we need to get out of our comfort zone.  We have our regular retweeters, readers or audience already.  Unless we go out and enlarge our audience, we stagnate, we have no growth.  When we expand our audience, we energize them, as well as ourselves.  Networks that are not growing, are dying.  Help others enlarge their networks by retweeting their articles and links, and they will reciprocate.  Remember to Plant and Sow.

Have a great week!


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Ninja Tip: Sometimes I find a small, new account, and follow the entire list thereto.  Why?  Because if it's new, there is a high probability the entire list is active, and will follow back.  This is efficient, as I don't have as many to cull later, and get a high follow back ratio.

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  1. I love your point that Friday Follows are not about getting something, they're about giving the gift of great Tweeps to others. Thanks for your great perspective and your great tips, Lonny.

  2. Great post. We all have much to learn from you. Lead on. I will follow.

  3. I was a tweeter before there was Twitter, because I find people are fascinating. I agree with your point that Follow Friday is about giving something back. I think refreshing your list is important too. New voices add richness to this running conversation we call Twitter.

    Thanks for some good advice. :D