Tuesday, December 14, 2010

better days are ahead of us

   The recession, the economy, unemployment:  seemingly all around us, there is negative news.  Well look on the brightside: It can only get better.

   Today I posted a Tweet:  "We can spend a lifetime thinking about change.  Thinking is not Change.  Change is an Action Word." 

   I have recently surfed to some so called "positive thinking" blogs, and even one that has it's followers listed as Masters, Controllers and Gods.  They all seem to focus on the brain's ability to think it's way out of anything, whether that be crisis, or depression or stress.

   Now there are many great ideas germinating in my head right now, and yours, the reader.  Percolating, brewing, fermenting, and they are probably the very stuff of genius!  Great! We all have the spark of genius in us, and we all need to realize we are capable of genius thinking.

   But folks, without ACTION those thoughts will wither and die, and not mean one iota of difference in the big scheme of life, to the well being of the earth, or the grand design of the Universe.  Nobody is going to remember your thoughts!

   Here are a couple of quick tips:

       1.  Write them down.  Some of the greatest "thinkers" in human history had the good habit of writing down their thoughts and in the very least this will preserve our genius for the next generation.  But more importantly writing down our ideas will help us refer to them, and crystallize our thinking into black and white.

       2.  ACT NOW!  Change is brought about when we STOP thinking and START doing. Procrastination, delay and denial are the enemies of success and achievement.  Nobody got anywhere sitting around watching Monday Night football and tweeting about success.  Folks, we have to start living our way toward our goals.

        3.  Realize the more you "think" your way out of problems, they bigger they get.  Obsessing about the problems we face in this recession or anytime for that matter will not solve any problems.  We must be willing to make a difference, and we must be willing to plant and sow kindness, love, to be willing to give, and to live as if we believe that we can make a difference in other's lives.   Don't let the economic environment just cause you to sit around and think, but begin to live a new way of life, change your way into a new way of thinking!

       God Bless You, and Have a Happy Holiday!

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