Sunday, November 27, 2011

Biz Rate False Advertising

I went to this website looking for a 50 inch TV.  Mostly to compare prices, I have been looking at one for a gift all summer.  I have noticed that alot of these sites, including Sears and others have one price to lure you in; and another, completely different price once you click which model you want.

Is this fair?  Do they take consumers for complete fools?  Don't they do more harm than good running false advertisements?

Here's the page I landed on.......

Here's the page that advertised the TV as $499.00

And here is the actual page they took me to when I clicked on the $499.00 model, note the price is now $599.00  a $100.00 Price Difference.

Price Jumps $100 When You Click the Image
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