Sunday, February 13, 2011

Twitter Tips

Quick Twitter Networking Techniques

   Build A Large Following:

       A.  Bulk Follow Using Tweepi.Com  a free, no download App

       B.  Network with other networkers, those who Retweet other Retweeters

   Targeted Following

       A. Over time follow subject or locality lists using search and hashtag

       B. Be persistent, keep adding specific followers over time

    Blog Following

       A.  Search, Find and Follow other bloggers

       B.  Promote other bloggers in your blog, and develop a "blog bank"

       C.  When other Bloggers send out a new post, be sure to broadcast it

   We have a ninja tip for getting on Twitter's "Leader Board" that is the front page of Twitter's Home page when a visitor logs in:

   Getting your tweet on the "Top Tweet" list is not only a popular standard for tweeters, but a simple way in which news outlets, new users and the media use to guage what is hot or popular on Twitter.

   We have a so called "Ninja Tip"  for how to build your following around the premise that you want to be on the leader board.

   This will take you time, but if you want to have an impact on the news, and are not famous, then this ninja tip will help you do it.

   This tip is available as a .99 download using your PayPal account, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Accepted.

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