I can't  say enough about this little guide.  It's not mine, I didn't author it, and I don't have time to write one, although probably a great idea for me.  I wanted to get this link out to you right away, because I have authored articles on Carmichael about the "symbiotic" relationship between the Big 3:  LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter.    This lady has done all the work, from start to finish, no frills, easy to understand guide to opening your Linked In Account.

Why should you open one?  Because people identify differently with different brands.  If I have identity badges on my pages, people will identify with names they trust.  Co Branding is riding on the coattails of another brand.  If you co brand with facebook, you will get "likes"  more than someone who is on Twitter but doesn't even have a facebook account.

LinkedIn is the largest networking site on the Internet devoted to Professionals, Marketers, and Business Owners.  40% of companies who hire you look at your LinkedIn Profile.

Here are some personal tips from me to you:

Join Groups, that is a strategy that I highly recommend to you, without even opening the link above.  Join Groups.  I'll cover more advanced strategies in another post.  Break out of your comfort zone.  You will never land new business, or learn unless you hear other perspectives.

Change your Public Profile URL:  Do you know how your profile looks on Facebook?  With a long string of numbers after it?  You can fix this on Linkedin by going to "Pubic Profile" and Shortening it.  Use this on your eMail Signature, Business Card, Blog Posts, and other areas like your Twitter Profile to Co Brand with other professionals and business owners.

Comment often on Discussion Threads.  This get's your name out there, and you can go back and connect with people on the thread.  Ninja Tip: I like to jump on the discussion thread early.  Thursdays and Fridays LinkedIn releases these in bulk, and I will be the first to enter a "comment" on the thread, meaning everyone who adds a comment sees me first. wink.

Creative, Unique:  One experienced LinkedIn networker, put's Coach, Girls Volleyball in her existing position.  I asked her why, she said it's a conversation starter.  Apparently it worked.  Another trick is to Use the Summary Section of your Profile. I put things like my favorite quote, summarize what I can do, have done, and generally use it to do just that: summarize some things about me.  This is a great tip, as it is what the public sees from the street, or what people see who are not members of LinkedIn. 

I am not a huge LinkedIn user, however, I go in spurts.  When I want to get in there and comment, start networking groups, and participate, it has paid huge dividends and rewards.  No time like the present folks, get in there and get

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