Friday, October 21, 2011

Watch Out for Sneaky Moves by Google Facebook and Twitter

Big Social Media wants your phone number.  After giving it to them, getting it back might mean having to change your number.   Numerous attempts have been made to get mine, and I just refuse to give it to them.   I simply refuse.    Let's use Google as an example ( Facebook uses identical tactics, so does Twitter ).  When logging into something like Google +, I will get a prompt asking for my phone number.

At first, Google did this supposedly for "Security" reasons.   After refusing no fewer than twenty times, Google stopped asking.  Then, two weeks ago, they started asking all over again!  Once again, I refused.    If they didn't want it so badly, if they weren't so conniving and sneaky about it, I might even consider giving it to them.  But the dishonest tactics are particularly suspicious.

My destination was ultimately gMail.  Since I have Google +, Blogger, Voice, Business Accounts that I manage, it's important to understand: All I wanted to do was check my mail!

ReType Your Destination

What to do?  The easiest thing is  A. Log in with your password.  B.  When you see the prompt for your phone number?    DO NOT GIVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER.  So  retype  which isn't that hard.  Just retype your destination.  The same for Blogger, or any other Google Product.

Do the same thing with Facebook, Twitter or any other site that requests your phone number.

Ultimately, they will sell your information, track you using your GPS within each cell phone, and do it all without your permission. Government agencies request information?  These companies provide it with little or no push back.   Obviously, most of us have nothing to hide.  But that is not even the threshold.

The threshold is greed, and how much is your privacy worth to you?  Supposedly,  the Big 3, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn DO NOT SELL your number or publish it without your permission.  Which means absolutely nothing.  How much will the highest bidder pay?  5 dollars per phone number?  10 dollars per phone number?  With only 200 million phone numbers, Facebook could make 1 Billion dollars in cash selling numbers to some schmucks from Russia for 5 dollars apiece.

So refuse to give out information, you already have an account, don't be fooled into giving them more information, and remember:  retype the destination.

Pass along my free tips, remember to plant and sow.  And use what you know about Social Media to start conversations with others - grow your network, and improve people's overall experience.  God Bless ya!


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