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May 20th, 2012

The last two weeks saw in uptick from 258,000 Followers to 266,000 Followers across our Network.  We have installed a new software tool for sending out DM's to new followers only, mentioning the ability to grow local followers on the homepage.  This same system can be used by our managed clients for getting their message out, and has been installed on three new accounts to generate business for them when someone follows them back.  The test subjects have mentioned increased interest in their services, and want us to continue sending the DM's out.  The below graph shows the uptick in the numbers of followers in the past two weeks.  There are an additional 25,000 followers which are not activated by this tracking system, but could be included for a total count of 301,000. Official Count will therefore stand at 266,000 however, for purposes of accuracy and disclosure.

Growth of ProNetworkBuild April to May

We are installing a "loop" Tweet feature that will enable recurring tweets over test accounts, and will activate this feature starting Monday May 21st, 2012 on the main account, and two secondary accounts, none on client accounts.

We are running a promotion for local followers on the home page for $9.95 to introduce small businesses to our practices and results.  This is generally offered between $500 and $1,000 as a retainer fee paid by Doctors, Lawyers and other Professionals.  This test promotion coincides with an Ad Buy on various Internet properties.  Our main purpose is to produce results for small businesses who will generate referrals.

Our West Coast media manager, Alice Martin will be responsible for managing accounts in the western time zones moving forward, and we will merge ProNetworkBuild with Shroom Social over the coming weeks and months.  Alice has 30,000 followers on Twitter as her personal brand; and extensive marketing experience in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, as well as engaging local businesses.  She has a vast amount of person to person skills in negotiating with small to medium sized businesses.  Her network of managed clients is not counted in our overall numbers.  Alice' manages over 100,000 online connections.

We have rolled out Video Tutorials on "How to Use Twitter" and "Social Media Resources" Videos as demonstration videos for use by other Social Media Companies, which can be optimised by small or medium SMMs by tailoring these videos for them.  We have begun offering our local following resources as well, and will continue to expand this program in the coming months.

We have begun work on franchise opportunities, and have begun to grow our various networks of brands in the Top 75 Metropolitan areas of the United States.  Some areas by necessity have grown faster than others, and these Internet Properties remain in play for potential franchise owners to run, manage, and inherit so that they hit the ground running.

We will continue to update the "State of our Network" on an ongoing, and at least monthly basis.

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