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* 1.2 Billion Mobile Phones were sold in the last year
* Users are abandoning the Yellow Pages in Favor of Mobile Devices
* 1/3 of all Internet Searches are Made on Mobile Devices
* iPhones and iPads do not used Adobe Flash
* 78% of Google's Advertisers do not have "Mobile"  Content
* Customers are forced to switch to businesses who have mobile web pages

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March 16th, 2011 
Article on Using Mobile "Location" Based aware to promote business:
March 1st, 2011

   If you owned eBay would you be happy?  How about Facebook?  Would that pay a few bills?

   Jumping onboard the "Mobile Revolution" now will be your ticket to success.  There is a fundamental shift coming to the Internet, and that shift is toward mobile access, mobile platforms, and the way businesses conduct themselves using mobile technology.

   Getting involved in the Mobile Revolution means you are just like eBay or Facebook in their infancy.  Your business will ride the bus, instead of chasing it.

   Morgan Stanley has estimated that mobile will be twice as large as the  laptop/desktop market.  Why?

   Everyone has a phone.  There are over 5 Billion mobile phones in use already.

   More People Are Using Mobile To Make Purchases.  1 in 3 of us have made a purchase in the last 3 months over mobile.  This number keeps outpacing research and predictions.

   More of your competitors are entering the market daily.  Remember the "Internet Revolution" which is still occurring?  The Internet is evolving again.  This time, your competitors are jumping on the cycle early and getting a technological edge.  

   Web Enabled Mobile Phones have become affordable.  One example is the new AT and T 4G mobile phone for $99.   The iPhone by Apple has outsold other models since it's introduction 4 years ago.


I do not suggest you cancel your website just yet, but that day may be upon us very soon, putting alot of web developers out of business.  In the very least they will have to shift their focus to mobile strategies.

However, I do suggest that you ask yourself some questions now, because your competitor is:

    *  What kind of offers like coupons, giveaways or discounts can I promote which will appeal to the vast majority of clients who may find me on their mobile phones?

    *  What demographic within 5 miles of my office am I targeting?

    *  What do I know about getting my business listed on Mobile Directories whether I have a website or not?

    *  What are my competitors doing in this market space that I should duplicate, and what areas do I want to do better than them?

    *  What innovations am I willing to plan for as the Mobile Market Unfolds?

Asking ourselves these important questions is but a start.  Many of us ask the hard questions, get discouraged, and postpone.  Noone ever joined a revolution by postponing action. 

Let mobile be your eBay or Facebook.  Jump on technology trends early,  enjoy the ride.

I explore the recent history of Mobile on my personal webpage: 
from my work as Editor of TheThesaurus News  reviewing Telephony Infastructure Stocks from 1995  to the modern age of QR Codes.  

We've posted this article so that you can see that the mobile revolution is heating up.  It's in full swing now, and there is time to beat your competitor.  Get your business listed today on mobile phones.  You can contact me directly at ProNetworkbuild@Gmail.Com   or Call 571-501-6129.

Here is an excerpt from an article as early as 2009... As you read it, note how the reality has far surpassed expectations from what AOL and the Research Firm Projected:

Mobile Devices' Share of Eyeballs Climbing

Posted by: David Kiley on July 8, 2009


One out of every seven minutes of media consumption today takes place on mobile devices, according to new research from IPG’s Universal McCann and AOL.
The study, which polled 1,800 mobile users over the fourth quarter of last year and first quarter of 2009, found that 80 percent of smart-phone users are satisfied using the quality of the Internet on their mobile devices.
Ninety-five percent of the respondents said they used mobile media to fill downtime; 82 percent said they use it at work; 81 percent while shopping; 80 percent at home; and 65 percent while commuting to their jobs. Among specific activities, 73 percent of respondents reported searching for maps and directions while 55 percent said they participated in social networking or sought out restaurant and movie listings or reviews. Forty-four percent reported seeking national news and information.