Thursday, August 25, 2011

Raising Klout Score 4 Points in One Day

August 25th, 2011

Before we begin, I have to say, I do not put that much stock in Klout Scores.  At least I didn't before I set out to raise my own.  On this trek I realised that my goal made me a better social media manager, I got better at Tweeting, I posted higher quality content, and I buckled down with discipline.

I had to change my frame of reference.  Because Klout was not important to me, I was missing the point:  Klout is important to others, and it is an indication of online influence.  Another personal reason was that some of my clients had a higher influence than I had!  I was doing such a great job of helping them, that I was overlooking my own influence online. 

You CAN raise your score, and doing so will probably mean that you are a better manager of your online profile.

What actions should we take to increase our score?

1. Activate Klout with your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter Accounts.

2. Start Tweeting Links that people want to read, and open, and ReTweet.

3. Tweet more frequently, but with quality mentions, and dialogue aimed at influential accounts who will respond.

4. Follow new people regularly, who will mention you and include you in tweets; this is often overlooked, or outright ignored.

   A quote from Joe Fernandez, the CEO of Klout:   It really boils down to what the likelihood of the content you create on social networks is being acted upon; people commenting, clicking links, liking, retweeting, whatever it might be. And then we look at how influential the people are who do that. Ultimately, when we think about influence, it’s really about the ability to drive others to action.

 So when I follow new people regularly, and they mention me in a simple: "Thanks Lonny for the Follow"  my profile is influenced by their tweet.   It's really as simple as that, yet largely overlooked.

Much of the one day bump was predictable.  Over the course of about two weeks, I started following more new people regularly, going from 45,000 followers to about 47,000 followers.  I started upping my game with Tech tweets, science, the environment, news, and I stopped tweeting just general interest or humor tweets. 

Much like making a life change, I had to transform what I was doing.  I had to do something differently if I was to expect different results.  In short, I stopped being lazy, and I did something about my influence online.

Am I going to light the world on fire with my tweets? I don't think so.  But trying to improve my score made me a better person, a better Tweeter, a better account manager.  And I also have a better appreciation for Klout. 


Editor/Author Lonny Dunn has followed Telephony Infastructure Stocks since the Mid 90's.  He currently manages over 150k followers over various accounts, and manages business and celebrity accounts online.


  1. i was tweeting about the cat and dog, and my score went down half a point... not that i noticed, but someone +K 'd me as a superhero on Klout, and I clicked the link to see if it was true. so i decided to +K myself a couple dozen times in the "Fluffy Cuddly Awesome Handsome" category, just to ... well you know.. get the word out..

    anyway, as soon as i got of the dog and cat lessons, my score went back up.. it was like a friggin miracle!! so i am stuck with this SuperHero label, and what's a ferret to do? my naps are already interrupted by manic requests for car keys. i don't see why pet humans need car keys, i can drive my GI Joe Hummer round the house with no keys, besides, they are shiny, and i like em... if humans could just learn to not disturb my busy napping and snack schedule with the car keys i would be a much happier critter.

    i think i should go +K myself in the ice cream category, i'm feeling ~wiggly~

    i tweet from my burrow at @Samuel_Clemons

  2. Interesting. I don't know much at all about Klout, and I'm hesitant to care. Seems like something that could create anxiety and eat away time. But you make a good point when you say that others to care so we need to pay attention. Thanks so much for the tips, Lonny.

  3. Piper: Actually, you open your Klout profile with a couple of Clicks. Use the "Open with Twitter" feature, you'll see the logo, and Voila' ... One button.

    Klout is a passive thing. You check it once a week to see how your influence has changed.

    It's a fun tool really, for giving people +K. You have a beautiful blog BTW. And you interact with your readers in your comment section. So the +K feature? You simply type a person's name in your browser's tool bar, like this and klout will show you their interests. If you look real closely it will say in grey letters: "Show All" ( interests ) and it will show you the top ten interests, and you can give up to 5 +K's per day. Which will NOT raise your score, but it will plant seeds of love and graciousness which you are naturally good at anyway.

    So Klout is a passive thing. Once a week, check it, and that's it. Leave it alone. You don't do anything with Klout, it's not like Twitter or FB where you should go and post something everyday.

    BTW? It's recently added some new features. Which I won't cover here, but it's trying to become more relevant, as so MANY good folks have the same attitude towards it as you and I - very cavalier.

    I think I just wanted to demonstrate how we could use it as a Personal Development exercise and improve ourselves, not become fascinated with our score, so much as improve our content that we are Tweeting.

    As to you Sam, you need no help from anyone, you are an entire Universe unto yourself, and yes i imagine that half a click downward must have sent you into a frenzy of tweeting. Or pilfering keys.

    Have a great day, you two!!

  4. Wow Lonny, this has been really insightful less so on increasing Klout points but rather it has taught me the bigger picture of social media: the best way to approach it is by creating real value content, widening my range of topics and making true connections with people.

    I've been doing some of these without realising it but now I'm gonna be more structured with my social media habits.

    Thanks for connecting again on Twitter and for introducing me to your blog!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Lyly @mollienne

  5. Thank you so much, Lonny, I loved your blog on Klout scores and already emailed your blog link to my web marketer. I especially love what you said about missing the point if Klout is not important to you, because "Klout is important to others, and it is an indication of online influence." I have been using this concept because I love helping others, however, I haven't measured how I've been doing. Is this what the K+ I've been seeing on Twitter is all about? Thank you so much for this very relevant information on how to measure positive influence with online presence.

  6. Great advice, thanks for posting this. I have been thinking about my Klout score a lot lately and this is very helpful.

  7. You said it all in your post - especially here:

    "I had to change my frame of reference. Because Klout was not important to me, I was missing the point: Klout is important to others, and it is an indication of online influence."

    Touche' and well said!

    I look forward to following you.