Friday, July 29, 2011

Facts Not Hype or Fear

Fearmongering by the mainstream press,  lockstep with Government Officials is generally called propaganda.  The self serving expression of "looming debt crisis"  has been adopted quite nicely by the press.  It is of their own making, this potential Armageddon.

Instead of more blind speculation, and rhetoric, I just thought it might be nice to look at a couple of FACTS... ( God forbid ) so that we are at least armed with some basics as to how we got here, as opposed to the blame game, which get's nobody anywhere.

First it's important to know that total Government receipts in the United States are 4.5 Trillion dollars.  About a third of that is personal income tax, the rest is derived from fees, import taxes, and corporate taxes.  At 4.5 Trillion per year, with no tax increase, ask yourself a simple question:  Does the Government take in plenty of money?

The United States Government takes in more money than any enterprise, corporate or otherwise in the history of mankind.  

The Office of Management and Budget prepares the Administration's Budget Proposal to Congress, and maintains documents for the public to review.  The link to those documents is:

Here's a chart prepared by the OMB:

The pink line on the far end which runs literally off the chart is the current projected debt, about a ten percent increase over last years record breaking debt. 

Now, we hear alot that the National Debt was inherited, and caused by wars with Iraq, and a host of other causes ( the endless blame game )  forgotten is the fact that almost a Trillion dollars was borrowed in the very first month of the Obama Administration when both the Senate and the House of Representatives were under Democrat Control.  This was called the "Stimulus Package".

The Above Chart is a Debt to Jobs Chart.  It shows the creation of new jobs (green line) to the amount of Debt (red line).   Notice that Debt has risen sharply, new job creation is down sharply.   It is not lost upon the American public that the unemployment rate has risen from 6% ( before the Stimulus Package ) to 9.5 percent currently.

When you hear there is a "looming debt crisis"  and you hear the media predict the end of mankind, and emergency remedies, remember, the Government doesn't need any more money, it needs to manage better what it is already taking in. 

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  1. tell em the story of how congress tied up the telephone broadband spectrum for 10 years, and how we are still 5 years behind the EU and Japan in the area of wireless applications... tell dat one, mr smarty, i like dat one!!! very lucid writing, unlike mine. i ramble. i tweet from my burrow at @Samuel_Clemons

  2. 2009's spending was all approved under Bush, and was about 5% greater than spending in 2008. The reason that there was a huge deficit is that the economy collapsed and revenues went down.

    We did not borrow the 700 billion for the stimulus package (which I guess counts as "almost a billion" if we're rounding up by a billion dollars for every man, woman and child in the US) in "the first month" of the Obama administration. The stimulus bill pays out over several years, and many of the funds haven't been spent yet.

  3. Imagine that! Expecting our government to manage the money they already have better. I wonder why they act like that is such an impossible task. After all, the voting population is faced with the necessity to manage personal finances more and more creatively every day to deal with the changes that are made for us in the economic landscape.

  4. In one sentence you complain about the blame game, in the next you blame it on the Democrats and Obama. It's a bit disingenuous to brush off the Bush years and the unpaid for wars and massive tax cuts to the wealthy. Plus there was that $700B 'no strings attached' bailout to the financial markets they pushed through while chanting 'it'll be Armageddon if we don't'. This all under a president that was handed a budget surplus.

    The GOP has created this current debt crisis by not raising the debt ceiling as they've done a 100x i the past. Just pass it, keep the credit of the US in good standing, then work on the debt and budget. Oh and how about those jobs jobs jobs, that they were supposedly elected to create??? Stop wasting time on the manufactured 'debt crisis'.

  5. The Office of Management and Budget works for Obama. Even it's official website comes as a subsection of Even if the administration was "handed" a deficit,according to the White House figures, that amount grew by 300%. These are facts, I can't change them, nobody can change them, they are what they are.

    My critque is against the mass hysteria which is conducted in order to get people scared. This is done when the Press doesn't question Gov't Officials. And when the Press only focuses on part of the story. Have you seen this graph on @CNN? or ABC or CBS? Of course not. Even though it is from the White House.

    And if the economy goes down and there are fewer taxes, to collect ( actually another fabrication, Gov't Revenues have increased in all years in the past 35 ) then spend less, not go out and run up the deficit.

    We cannot borrow our way out of debt, that is mathematically and logically impossible to do.

    Lon Dunn

  6. It's worse than propaganda, this non-sense is all true! The Government takes in plenty, taking in more, would mean what? SPEND MORE! of course. They need to implement LEAN manufacturing principles and reduce waste, spending on frivolous things and programs and stop sending big dollars to developing countries that also waste, abuse and the whole nine yards. Nice Article!

  7. None of this has anything to do with the current President or the last few. It all started between 1890 and 1920 when the progressive movement took hold and from there, it got way outta hand. Seems like we're the middle man, we borrow from China, and send else where, other countries ought to just ask China first. maybe they do I dunno, but none of it adds up to a positive for the U.S. I don't know any politicians that could pass an 8th grade English class on reading and comprehension. Interpretation is key. They all fail. We should all come to the same conclusion given the same facts, to think otherwise, suggests an agenda not good for the American people.

  8. Most business people understand that 80% of revenues generated go to pay salaries & benefits of the employees. The US Govt. is no different. It employees millions of people who spend money and support capitalism's viscious yet necessary circle. If we cut Govt. spending to the levels fiscally-insipid people wanted, there would be tens of millions of employees on welfare. Then, we attack entitlement programs so they end up in the streets - or worse. "Welcome to the new Austerity America!"