Sunday, July 24, 2011

Women Prefer Showering to Sex

NBCU provides marketing analysis so big conglomerates can leverage buying trends and market products strategically. 

NBCU has a  team of primary researchers executing surveys, focus groups, segmentation,  marketplace and consumer research to answer a broad range of business questions and identify growth opportunities across all phases of the digital businesses.

It recently released a report, which the Press has had a field day with making headlines like I have above.  As soon as we put Sex in a headline, we are bound to have a few hits if for no other reason, the curious and pervs will stop by and take a quick read.

Female researchers at NBCU conducted a survey of American men and women across a wide age group.  They were given a list of activities that they could not do without for a month.  Both women and men chose the Internet, then Sleep as their first two choices, it is the third choice where the NBCU report splits hairs.

What makes the headlines of course is that women chose "Taking a Shower" over Sex as their third MUST HAVE, and men chose "SEX"...

Do Women Really Prefer Showering To Sex?

This  begs the age old sexest stereotype that men are more concerned with sex, when other more scientific research indicates women think about sex as often as men.  Some have pointed out that sleep is something we cannot do without, and we can do without a shower or the Internet.  This is probably true.  I also think it is quite odd that the researchers were all women.  Why did NBCU use only women researchers?  Drawing a conclusion that more women prefer the Internet or showering to sex is probably beyond the data available in the report because of the way the questions were asked.

Does NBCU skew it's survey and results in such a manner as to tell the companies that buy it's data what they want to hear?

Some other data that came out from the report:

More women than men own smartphones; and

More women than men own gaming apps.

I for one do not disagree with these results or numbers.  I have done other research that indicates that women outnumber men on Twitter, but not on LinkedIn.  I manage multiple accounts on Twitter for various companies and celebs and I find this to be accurate anecdotally, as well.  Women have a huge
voice on Twitter, and often do a better job than I do.  I do not draw any conclusions from this fact, I just work with it to my best advantage, by:

    A.  Interacting with and paying equal attention to both men and women

    B.  Listening for tips and ideas that I may garner from them;

    C.  Refrain from making unintended comments that might offend either men or women;

    D.  Make strategic alliances with influencers of both persuasions.

One professional I know says that women have it easier on Twitter, as they can post a pic of themselves, and that alone will attract an audience.  I do not disagree with that statement either.  I will state that I just work harder.  I might not be famous, I might not be handsome, but I can still follow good people, and unfollow the deadbeats with the best of em!

Including the ladies.

What is your opinion? Do you buy into this report?  Leave a comment if you like.

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  1. i think that all the women think about getting in the swimmy pool wif da ferret, and lounging around cuddling taking naps wif me... dats what... anyway, that's my research, and they call me His Accuracy down at the shop.

    i tweet at @Samuel_Clemons

  2. I totally agree with da ferret. Sammy rules!

  3. You as always are a big help, Sam. Never a dull moment around your swimmy pool, I am sure of that. LD

  4. Ummmm....Hmmmm...I do love a great shower, especially those that come down from the skies...and ferret are I believe I will stop there so as not to incriminate myself. LONG LIVE RODENTS! ~ LeeAnne :)

  5. As for the numbers you are talking about, I'll just have to go with your statistics and research as I've done none myself. I liked your comment about how women will post a pic and that alone will get them followers. Since I've joined Twitter, I have noticed that a lot of spam accounds have pictures of gorgeous women, usually half naked, and that the followers are still there. Being of the more average looking group of females out there, I guess I have to act more like the men on the site and use my brains and charms to make and keep aquaintances. *sigh* not everyone is lucky enough to be a drop dead beauty or a ferret. :)
    Now, the only thing I was wondering was if they'd made sex in the shower an option, would the statistics have changed? :D

  6. Mirreille there is nothing called an average looking femaile. Especially in the 1/2 inch square if a Twitter DP all females are Ms Universe :P
    Sam may be right that the ladies may prefer Sammy pool.. oops swimmy pool especially with a feeret around to cuddle. But given that sammy indulges in pilferage we may need actual research on this.
    Lonny as per the actual research, it all depends upon who pays the researcher. Money talks more than facts my friend!!

  7. I don't think this question was about 'enjoying' anything. Could I go a month w/o a shower without feeling absolutely disgusting? No. Could I go a month w/o sex without feeling absolutely disgusting - yes. I still LIKE sex more than showering. Showering isn't inherently fun. But it is more of a need than sex.

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