Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sales Mistakes That Turn Buyers Away

Experienced Sales Professional or Budding Dynamic World Changer in the Making?  Rain Today has been a mainstay of mine for years.  I enjoy their articles, and this free eBook will help the beginner or refresh the thinking of a veteran sales person.


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Lon Dunn writes on Evan Carmichael as a productivity and efficiency expert. He wrote and edited The Thesaurus News from 1995 to 2001 with a specialty in Telephony Infastructure Stocks. With over 20 years following the Mobile Industry, Lon helps Companies, Professionals and Organizations develop Mobile Marketing Strategies combined with Social Media Strategies to strategically target specific markets and demographics to rapidly increase revenues. His most recent book available on Amazon is “How to Use Twitter for Local Business” with Tips and Mobile Marketing Strategies that anyone can do themselves. You can download the free “Kindle App for PC to download the book to your Desktop available on the Kindle Site:

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