Monday, June 6, 2011

Google Goes Social ( Again ) with Plus 1

Google hopes to make another run at Social Media with the Plus 1 Button for blogs and websites.  Google the Search Engine Powerhouse valued at over 100 billion U.S. dollars is introducing the Plus 1 in response to Facebook's "Like" Button or Twitter's "Tweet This".

Forget writers who make predictions about how well this will work.  There is no reason NOT TO INSTALL THE PLUS 1 BUTTON!

Google is by far the largest search engine, and with the Android phone an open source mobile operating system with many software writers jumping on board, it is probably only a matter of time before Droid outpaces iPhone as the most popular mobile operating system.  So with Google making inroads into mobile search it's dominance of the "search engine" game is safe, at least for the time being.

Why is this important?  Any product that Google purchases or invents integrates seamlessly into it's search.  Many people underestimate Twitter for example.  But Google has given priority to tweets in it's search algorithms.   Many SEO firms are trying to develop ways to get better rankings for their clients seen on the Internet, and all the while Twitter would have assisted those rankings.  So NOT developing a Twitter account would  disadvantage clients who don't tweet.  Use this same principle with Blogger.  Google owns Blogger and gives priority ( fair or unfair is not the realm of this article ) to Blogger accounts over Wordpress or other non Google owned blog sites.

So roll with the Plus 1 Button.  Use it, it won't hurt you to add it onto your blog, and you will enhance your visibility and get in early on this new technology.


So what does this mean and how to use it right away?  Here are a few tips:

If you are on Blogger?  You are all set, your Plus 1 Button should be up and working over the weekend or as early as last week.

Whether on Blogger or you own your own Website or Blog, I recommend this 5 minute tutorial from Google.

Are you on Worpress?  Here is the link to WordPress Plug Ins

A quick run down of adding html code.  Or  HTML Basic Trick:

    Switch your Blog Editor ( or Website Editor ) to HTML or Edit HTML and mark the spot you want your button with XXXXLLLLL or something that will stand out ( within a long line of html code ) before turning on your editor.   Then
cut/paste the Plus 1 Code and replace the XXXXLLLLL with the code.  When you switch back to Compose or Content from HTML mode, your button should appear. 

Remember:  If it's Google, it's about visibility.  By adding the Plus 1 button to your blog posts or web pages now, you are getting more visibility.  Over time, the Plus 1 's will add up.  Visibility IS social media.

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