Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why You Should Network

What is networking:   Attend networking functions, speednetworking groups, and events to create multiple business contacts across a large swath of industries and diverse range of people.

But Why Should I  Network? 
Typical SpeedNetworking, Direct, No Frills, Productive

Survival:  Recent surveys and research indicate that companies hire more from referrals and contacts than ever before.  It continues to be "who you know" rather than what you know when looking for a job.

Profit:  Expanding your network in a recession is smart marketing, as the costs are low, returns high, and you are not compelled to commit large capital to discuss deal making or relationships.

Fun:  Meeting people and having conversations about their lives and dreams can be very entertaining and offers sometimes great inspiration from previously undiscovered sources.

Opportunity:  Finding new sources of expansion, and ways in which you can become better at networking, gain experience, get comfortable with the process, and grow abound when you attend regular events.

 Growth:  Life is progress.  Learning to network is a life skill with rich rewards.   Keep your miracles flowing, keep growing, keep planting and sowing. 
"Mingled" Event, Less Formal, More Social, Has it's Benefits Too

Some Quick Networking Tips:

    If you've never attended a networking event, don't worry, most of the attendees haven't either.  Practice shaking hands in the mirror, pronouncing your name clearly, and enunciating your 1 minute decription clearly and concicely.

   Carry cards with you.  Keep them  handy, and people will ask for your business card.  Keep your cards in a separate place from those you collect. 

   Ninja Tip:  Ask, "What can I do to help you grow your business..."  .  Don't go to networking meetings trying to sell your product.  Look to enlarge other people's network, they will in turn enlarge yours.
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