Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Can you remember your first kiss?  Graduation?  Your wedding? Where does the time go?  My dad, taught me an expression that still holds true:

   "Lonny people say, 'If I die' .... It's not if I die son.  It's when we die.  We are all going to die."   Of course, a Financial Planner and Executive of an Insurance Company, my dad's profession sort of had us all addressing this fact of life.

What legacy do we leave?  As time floats by, what will you be remembered for?

We surely won't be remembered by the electric company for paying the bill on time.

Is it the sayings or words you have spoken?  Surely they are remembered by your kids, your family, but what about the greater world?  Your spoken words are only heard by a few.  What we say is often less important that what we do anyway, and certainly not permanent.  gOOgle yourself.  What do you find?  

What impact will you leave on the world?  I have tweeted and written that we are in a world of words.  The Internet is composed of words, we search using words, we find interesting things composed of words.  Reading is more important than ever, and so is what we write.

Employers have long admitted to searching out our Internet imprint.  Background checks, credit,  old friends, High School Reunion organizers, it seems we are what we put out there.

Be an inspiration today.  Compose something that inspires others.  Keep it up, and leave a legacy of something kind, something good.  Enjoy each moment, and teach others to enjoy those moments, and live in a state of inspired living.  Our words will be remembered and are permanent.

With good words, time becomes our asset.

Added April 7th, 2011: A Short Video Demonstrating the Power of Words


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