Thursday, March 24, 2011

linkedin for college students

Why college students should immediately open and maintain a LinkedIn Profile.

Recently LinkedIn expanded it's portfolio of products to include a Student Portal.

Students can find internships, entry level positions, and first jobs, and are encouraged to start the process right away.

Before rushing headlong into your job search, read some very important tips below: 
LinkedIn Launches New Job Portal for Students Image

Remember, 45% of Companies Check LinkedIn before Hiring! 
And although it may not seem fair, many of them use your Social Media profile to exclude you from being hired.  The above article explains why you might be excluded from being hired.

Here are some tips on using LinkedIn as a Junior or Senior in College.

  1. It is essential for a college student to start early and build out their LinkedIn profile, but if they haven't, then start immediately. Today!
  2. Use the “Summary” Section which is what the public will see.
  3. List a Job as Sorority Chair, or Event Organizer or other Student Position in the Job Section.
  4. Do not make comments like “I am not employed, but I'm a quick learner”
  5. Build a body of work over time, like all social media, LinkedIn Profile should be added to and matured. It's not something you set up and walk away from. Keep working on it, be consistent.
  6. JOIN GROUPS! You can comment on group discussions, attend networking events, speed networking events, and maintain your connections using LinkedIn as your rolodex.
  7. Build a network of professionals around you throughout your Junior and Senior Years by attending LinkedIn sponsored networking meetings. Start NOW! Don't wait.
  8. Do a makeover of your Facebook and Twitter Profiles and Delete innapropriate comments, pictures and compromising material that will hinder your chances of getting hired.
  9. Groups on LinkedIn other than “Job and Career” Groups specific to your field have job listings, and opportunities. Join Professional Groups to get the most out of LinkedIn.
  10. Participate! Like any media, just setting up a profile is not enough. You have to regularly get involved and stay involved to move from “student” to “employed”.

    Resources:  LinkedIn Student Portal Blog: 

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