Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two Devilishly Handsome Guys

Facebook has some issues moving forward. Zuckerberg said during Facebook's traveling horse and pony show last week that the social media juggernaut is “just getting started” on it's mobile app. Just getting started? With over 50% of it's users accessing the site via a mobile phone, you would have thought that was handled years ago.

Another feature that is lagging behind is search. Facebook makes it almost impossible to locate and find new businesses locally without first knowing people. Then if we are lucky, we might see another person “Like” a local business, and so on. But as far as searching for and finding local businesses with Facebook, it is almost impossible without some prior knowledge that said business exists.

Twitter has made it infinitely easier to use search from it's inception; yet is also the most overlooked feature.   

I have found some interesting ways to make my clients an income using Twitter.  (Now if I could just find a way to get them to share some of the profits!)

I recently undertook a client who gave me the link to their website: an “Investment Group”. I knew that was going to be a tough sell as a new account on Twitter. So I tweaked the profile a bit to read: “Two Devilishly Handsome Guys who Tweet Sports, News, Entertainment, and Music in Seattle”. Within 5 hours they had been invited to a bi weekly networking lunch for a group of 300 ladies. And Voila' ! There was a contact made on Twitter with a newbie account, in hours, not days. Not to mention that these two guys will have plenty of contacts from just that one meeting. And no telling how many they will have moving forward.

It works folks. Twitter is a powerful tool. Do NOT overlook the potential to make real, powerful, meaningful connections in less time than it would take to mail out thousands of eMails, or make tens and hundreds of phone calls. 

If we insist on looking at Twitter in the terms defined by Twitter, we may never meet anyone. Twitter does not, and has not convinced itself of this, or they would market these opportunities more. Twitter is interested in selling Madison Avenue style campaigns to large companies with a global reach. 

Meanwhile some of us are using that little grey search button to do some pretty amazing things in our own backyards.

UPDATE: A week ago, I handled an account for car detailing outfit in the woods of Canada.  For most Social Media Managers, this would be a daunting task in the very least, if not a "turn down".  Who wants to accept a case with little or no means of solid success, right? I mean there are better clients than this, we might think to ourselves.  Anyway,  I started following locally for the client.  And here's the nice part:  WITHIN 2 MINUTES I GOT A TWEET FROM A LADY WANTING HER CAR DONE!!!!  That is an all  time record, even for me.  Two Minutes!!  That case study alone would be enough for most of us to put in our portfolio, and talk about it for years to come.  So I told the lady I would get back to her as soon as I finished my Twitter Management.  This was truthful enough.  And about 20 minutes later, the Town Police Department had tweeted my little car detailing account in the back woods of Canada, and made a connection!!  Now that my friends and readers is how it's supposed to work out, and IF YOU ARE NOT GETTING DAILY RESULTS ON TWITTER AND MAKING DAILY CONNECTIONS AND CONVERTING THOSE CONNECTIONS TO SALES AND DOLLARS THAN YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG!!!   
Remember, I don't ask for business, I engage.  I make connections.  I make it work.  Twitter search and my local following techniques work folks. 

Don't keep doing the same things and expect different results.

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