Monday, May 7, 2012

Comments Expand Your Reach

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Comments Expand Our Reach?  How?

When you comment on someone's post, your comments are piggy backing on whatever reach the article has.  If you comment on a NYTimes article, your comment might be seen by a million people!

Here's one I left in 2010 

The point here is that the comment is still there, still providing my Internet imprint, and has permanently become part of Google Search.

If you put your Twitter handle in the article, I have found that 99% of the time, the censor (oh, they hate me calling them that word, they prefer "moderator") will not block your comment, or take it down.  Especially if you leave a thoughtful comment that adds to the conversation.

If I take the time to surf to, read an article thoroughly, and then not leave a comment? I am killing time.  Sure, I might be gaining knowledge, but I am already there, I am already at the site.  There is less a chance I will find it again if I leave without commenting.

Here's the sweet spot:  Try to be the first or at least second to comment.  Your remarks and Twitter handle will be the most viewed.  If you are number 78 or worse, number 178, nobody will see your comment, you are just venting.  It is still worth it, you will be broadening your reach, but less likely to gain a follower, or be seen.

Ask.Com for instance is a great way to gain exposure.  And Yahoo Comments are great too.  I know a girl who increases her followers by over a thousand new readers a month on Yahoo question forums!  Talk about powerful.

Here is a piece from the Irish Times on the Reverse process, having to respond to your comment stream after writing a controversial article:

And I wrote an article:  Comments are Like Crack Cocaine for Bloggers 
Which discusses the idea that a Retweet is much more powerful than a comment.

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And I completely tore down my home page, and put up a video instead, if you'd like to give me some feedback, I would appreciate it.

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  1. Awesome points! As someone relatively new to this milieu, I often find the technical language - let's call it tweetspeak, or maybe SNdegook - incomprehensible so thank you for the clear language (mostly) And for making me realize how much time I waste "merely" reading!!!
    Now, I hope I know what my "twitter handle" is ... @grettavosper???

  2. Thank you for publishing this helpful article. I have good back links, and a good Rep. I get 20 - 30 follow requests per day...Twitter has me locked...?
    Thanks again. I will follow your good advice.

  3. You always amaze me Lonny Dunn. Sometimes I 'get' what you say 1st read and sometimes not. This one I do 'get'. WOW ~ I had no idea! Now I do! Thanks so much. I'm your friend @grammakaye on twitter.

  4. Prolific = Lon Dunn! Thanks for this post, everything you write offers actionable advice. You are a treasure.


  5. I read a lot and don't leave comments. I often find the comment section a pain in the butt. So if others want your comments they should consider that when setting up their comment section. The question I have is what is a good balance for a comment section that will help the blogger/writer to eliminate spam as well as gain decent commenters without making the process a royal pain for it's commenters?


  6. How's #6? Lol. I had never thought about how commenting on articles can broaden my reach. Thank you so much for the insight. Tips like this can be priceless when trying to build a following in a specific area. I read a lot of articles about writing, young adult and new adult fiction, and marketing indie books. I comment often but had never considered this to be more than just a quick sharing of opinion. @theedgeofwords

  7. You really got me at "I am killing time"!

    Mariane Bouman

  8. @suerosepr Thanks for this clear and helpful article! I am going to stop worrying so much about planning and jump in with my voice more often! Sue Rose

  9. Lovely article! It's so logical and convincing, you get so sure it works even before you practice it. Thank you for this post.

  10. Hi Lonny

    Hope all is going well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. You've given me some great ideas, lots of aha moments. I like the idea of leaving comments on sites like or Yahoo, I read plenty of articles but never bother to leave a comment.

    And I didn't realize the importance of being one of the first to comment. I guess I should think of it like Google, try to get on the first page. Really enjoyed the post Lonny. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.