Thursday, March 1, 2012

Surrender To Win

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Some years ago, I heard the expression, "Surrender to Win" and it resonated.  At first, it seemed that it was antithetical to all that I knew.  Aren't we supposed to relentlessly pursue our dreams?  Didn't Churchill famously say,  "Never, ever, ever give up" ?  Actually, if you research that phrase from Churchill, he didn't exactly say that, but you get the point.

Surrendering was never one of my strong points, and yet, it truly is the way to find personal development.  In this bustling world where we are taught to fight to the bitter end, surrendering just seems like an odd pursuit.

1.  Worry is wasted energy.  When we worry about the future, which we cannot accurately predict, we assume we are in control of the future.  When we are honest with ourselves, none of us actually knows what tomorrow will bring.

2.  There are things beyond our control.  Only delusional people try to control their entire existence, and often, sadly end up miserable, or in the least detached from people as they plot and scheme more controls, which is an endless cycle.

3.  The past is over, the past is not our reality.  If there is one area that we need to surrender, all of us, it is to surrender what has happened yesterday, or years ago, and most importantly, the bad moment we have just had today.  A bad moment or event, need not become our bad day.  We can start over at any time.

4.  Misery is a choice, so is isolation, loneliness, regret, and shame.  We can carry them around or we can choose happiness and serenity.  Surrendering to serenity,  the present moment, and choosing happiness means we have less stress, live longer, and can approach each obstacle with dignity and grace.

Today, I was told that my heating and air conditioning blower would need replacing, and the labor was 300 dollars.  The parts were 500 dollars.  Eight hundred dollars!!  That thought was terrible, even to contemplate.   I let go of the negative energy, decided that I was not going to spend my day worrying about the money or the loss of same.  Detached from worry, detached from unproductive scheming, the answer almost jumped out at me by accident.  I wasn't going to wallow in the pain and just went about my day. Instead, I plucked around on the Internet, found a forum which said to check a separate component.  Which I did.  I fixed the car for free in 5 minutes.   

A few years ago, I was unemployed, life was pretty terrible.  The storage place called, and said, "Mr. Dunn you have three days, maybe four, and we are selling all your belongings"  WOW!! I had sent out 138 resumes, and nothing.  All the calls were scams, or crappy sales jobs, knocking on doors, likely no better than scams.  138 resumes, and the storage place was selling all my things.

I spoke out loud:  "God.  I am letting go of this situation.  The more I think about this terrible position, the worse it feels.  I am letting go.  I am NOT SENDING OUT ANY MORE RESUMES!!  I have sent out about as many as I can humanly send.  I am letting go of this, I refuse to worry about this.  If they take all my stuff, and sell it, then they do.  If I am homeless, so be it.  If I become a bum on the street, then so be it, but I am letting go.  Whatever happens next is up to you, I am surrendering this entire mess over to you AND I am surrendering to you.  Do as you wish".

By letting go, a tremendous peace came over me, and the worry no longer existed.  I went to my meeting.  I had so little money, that the only way I could get a call was on my voice mail which went to eMail.  I couln't even pay the cell phone bill.

When I arrived to check my computer, there were two job offers on my computer.  And I was working within 3 days, and I didn't lose my belongings.

If there is somebody who is hopeless, or struggling with something that is causing you stress, or a loved one who is ill, I hope this story has helped you.  God bless you, as you surrender to win.


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  1. Love this, Lonny. It's so true that when we give it over to the Big It, doors open that we can't imagine. But if often feels like jumping off a cliff. Over time, I've come to welcome those cliffs. Some of them, anyway. I know something incredibly exciting will happen when I let go. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

    I tweet at @piperbayard.

  2. ok, so i worry a bit. i see some dumb pet human eyeing my pop tart stash, i get a lil worried. maybe the squirrels are waking me up in the mornings, chattering, chattering. that annoys me. yea, i have to let it go.

    when it's all coming down around me, when it seems like i have been handed the biggest pile of crap, that is the time to let it go. no point being miserable, when i can ~wiggle~

    the spiritual principles you set forth so succinctly i am very grateful for

    i tweet at @Samuel_Clemons

  3. Though "let go and let God" seems to fly in the face of all that is rational, often it is the only way to escape the (ludicrous) belief that we are in control of every facet of our lives. If I don't believe in something larger than me, then the most I can ever achieve is limited by my own parameters. If I choose to believe that there is more out there than meets my eye -- suddenly entire new vistas of possibilities open up before me.

    This all sounds very "woo woo," I know, but that doesn't make it any less true. Case in point: My husband and I discovered we were expecting our first child the same week he learned he & his entire department were being outsourced.

    I worried about What Would Become of Us & stressed over money for months. Finally, in desperation, I decided to hand the whole financial & family mess over to God 'cause I was sick and tired of dealing with it. I slept like a baby that night, though nothing had changed...

    The next day, out of the blue, I got a phone call from someone I had last spoken to 4 years earlier. He needed a ghostwriter & wanted me to do his book. Was I interested?

    Work from that project led to another... and another... and another. That experience, and others like it, went a long way toward teaching me that the best things happen when I am willing to recognize -- and embrace -- the fact that I am *not* in control, but am willing to get on the ride anyway.

    Cheers, Lonny! Onward and upward!

  4. Really like this & believe every word to be very true & honest...& now I have this place marked on my puter's favorites :) ~ Thanks for sharing Lonny. Ima @grammakaye on twitter!