Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Twitter Tips

The New Twitter format is only new if you have been through the last incarnations.  If you just signed up the New Twitter is all you know.  Here are two quick tips dealing with Search.

Twitter's most undervalued asset is the "Search" Feature.  Far better than Facebook's, (I personally find Facebook Search to be almost meaningless.  When I want to find someone on Facebook, like others, I use Google) Twitter search has an entire range of commands to help you sort people by place, or  "near" a city, or within a certain geography.  I will not go into those commands here, but will deal with the basics.

The Search feature is located in a small oval box on the top tool bar regardless of which page you are on.  This is what it looks like from my home page.

I have another account strictly for entertainment purposes called @CicerosGhost
so we will use the word "Cicero" in search from the Home Page of Twitter and from the @ Mention Page.   One lady Tweeted yesterday:  "Thanks New Twitter. No Manuel?"  I couldn't agree more with her sarcasm.  I have had to learn to use the new features by repeatedly looking up Cicero quotes.

From the Home Page, above, when we type "Cicero" into the Search Oval, we find TWEETS concerning Cicero.  From image above, we are finding Tweets with Cicero in them.

Tweets Containing the word: "Cicero"

However, from the @ Connect Screen, (button is located on the Top Left of every Twitter Account and Screen)

(formerly called the @ Mentions or Mentions Feature) when we type "Cicero" into the Search Oval, we find PEOPLE WHO have Cicero in their name, as opposed to Tweets containing the word Cicero. 

So remember, from Home, Search finds Tweets.  When you are in          @ Connect Search  finds People.

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  1. Excellent tips lonny. Too many people completely
    Miss the great tools that are already available to them on twitter.

    1. Thanks for Stopping by, Mark. Yes, some of the new features are a bit redundant, as well. For instance, to ReTweet a Tweet from Timeline is easy, but if you do it while searching thru someone elses TL, or your @ Connect box, an entirely new window pops up, and they make it difficult to do the RT!!

      Have you also noticed all these new features keep making Twitter slower, and slower?? Not cool at all.

      I guess they are trying to keep up with G+ and FB, but I don't think Twitter has to. It's fine the way it is. Maybe they should make a "Twitter Lite" with the old features, and make it less burdensome on our harddrives.

      See Ya LD

  2. So very helpful & easy to understand,