Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vary Your Hashtags

Regardless of your field of interest, vary your hashtags on Twitter.

For those who don't use them often, they are words used in search preceded by the pound sign.  Thus tree becomes #tree;  racing becomes #racing.  Now, Twitter's search ability is so efficient that ANY word can be searched without the hashtag, but I like to search using both ways.  I will search with and without it, just to be thorough.

One of the most common is #Quote.   Any word can be hashtagged in a Tweet, sometimes people use it for emphasis since Twitter has no bold, or fonts.

The Search feature is located in the upper toolbar, is grey in color, and next to the blue bird.  You can create your own hashtag, but don't expect it to take off right away, you have to be consistent, over time, and plan to use it for the long run in order for an original word to take root.


Varying your hashtag will enlarge the way people find and follow you.  Let's just use the subject of writing for a moment, and examine some words that we might use in our Tweets:

#poettues (writer chats)
#vss (very, very short)
#pubtip (publication tips)
#webfic (web fiction)
#weblit (web literature)
#wip (work in progress)
#writetip (writing advice)
#writingtips (writing advice)

We can do this for any subject, idea or interest.   Vary those hashtags, not everybody thinks in the same way as we do.  Some people's processes are different, and we all arrive at thoughts differently.  AND don't forget to use plurals sometimes too!  Thus, #Coupon becomes #Coupons.

It is easy to stay in our comfort zone and think we have an audience, and really, nobody is paying attention to us at all. It's not till we experiment with something different that we determine there might be a better way.    Twitter is beautiful. It allows us to experiment with NEW ideas with every tweet, free,  and nobody is going to chastise us for trying.

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  1. Thanks for the great twitter hashtag tips! You make it easy to understand for those of us who are new to the whole tweet world. #awesome

    See? I understand.

    Patricia Carrigan
    Author Antiserum

  2. Thanks for the tips, Lonny. My brain struggles with these newfangled inventions, but I hope I'll eventually get there. It helps to have folks like you to show me how.

  3. great article on HashTags I find my self trying to explain the reason to use them and how to use them now I can refer them to your article #Bravo!

  4. Excellent, I'm on it. -Kelly

  5. Great article! I'm sharing with our customers, I think they'll benefit big time.